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There Was a Bee in My Room

And I was, like, "FUCK YOU, BEE, GET THE FUCK OUT."

And, it was all, "OHSHIT."



And then I went, "FUCK YEAH, HUMANITY."

And by that, I mean I ran around my house screaming while my mom shooed it out the window and put the screen back in. It wants back inside. I can see it out there...waiting...

Japan, etc.

So, Inoue Joe's live was Sunday night.


The live was at 下北沢GARAGE (Shimokitazawa Garage), which is a live house in, well, Shimokitazawa.  The tickets were ¥2300, plus a ¥500 drink ticket.  Which basically means you have to pay another ¥500 at the door, but you get a drink.  The venue is tiny.  I think it could fit about 75 people, tops.  Tiny.

The whole event was a sort of 'Battle of the Bands' thing, so two other bands performed: the HANGOVERS and Say My Name.  And the opening act was The Jolly Pecker's.

The Jolly Pecker's were pretty good.  They looked about twelve, but they're talented and I think they show promise. 

the HANGOVERS = Pure awesome.  I bought their album.  They're quite good and I highly recommend checking them out.  They were at their merch table after the show and we chatted for a bit.  They're awesome guys and seriously talented.  If anybody wants, I can send links to song downloads.

Say My Name...eh.  I mean, they were okay, but they just sounded like every other emo garage band I've heard before.  Except they were singing in Japanese.  They weren't my cup of tea, but they weren't bad by any means.  

Inoue Joe AJK;SFLJK40'/1FRDP!!!!!!  I was legit five feet away from him.  I could have jumped on the stage and tackled him (that probably would have killed him, though...he's scrawny).  He's a good performer.  And the guys he got to play the other instruments were also really good.  Most of the audience spent the time between songs going 「カッコイイィィィ!!!!」and「かわいいぃぃぃ!!!!」which was kind of annoying, but still pretty funny.  

The set was pretty short, since three bands played.  I was going to try to steal the setlist off the stage (I swear, the first person to quote that 3OH!3 song at me gets 箸 to the 目), but someone either beat me to it or the staff knew somebody was going to try to.  But here's the full/accurate set list, thanks to <lj user="hyuuchiha_miki">, who is way more on top of these things than I am:

1. Closer
2. Lights
3. 風のごとく
4. Into Oblivion
6. Nowhere
7. Hummingbird
6.  GO★ (encore)

For songs like Closer and GO★, there was a computer hooked up to get the synthesized sounds/backing vocals.  Which I thought was pretty neat, I would've preferred if he'd left the backing vocals to the other band members, though.  I think I just prefer the organic sounds of live singing, though.  It seems more genuine.  

Unfortunately, I'm a little annoyed with Inoue Joe.  After the show, he just left straightaway.  I dunno.  To me, a concert is a pretty rare opportunity to mingle with your fans and get to know people.  The fact that he didn't take that chance seems kind of...diva-ish?  Especially since, like I said before, there were at most 75 people there.  It wouldn't have taken very long to sign some stuff and be on your way.  I really don't want to think he's a jerk, because I really like his music and don't want that to be affected at all, but that felt a bit off to me.  Meh.

In summary:

I like Shimokitazawa.
Check out the HANGOVERS.
Short set list was short.
The jury is still out as to whether Inoue Joe is a jerk or not.  

PICTARS!!!Collapse )

Are You Shitting Me?

Sorry I fail at updating regularly; it's not gonna change.

I think I have an ear infection.  I'm on hold with the SHC trying to get an appointment. 

Here's the funny thing: make a note on the date of this entry.  Go back a couple of entries of mine to where I complain about having an ear infection.  Check the date.



EDIT: I have an appointment for tomorrow.  Shit sucks, man.


I went home two weekends ago.  Took the bus.

Because I'm a fucking moron.

Of course, I'd read about the nasty and the grody that pervades buses, but I figured, "Hey, I'm a pretty laid-back traveler, I can handle whatever it tries to throw at me."  Only, I didn't realize that buses are disease-ridden chariots from HELL and would take the opportunity to baptize me by DEATHPLAGUE.  Therefore, my week consisted of me sleeping, fighting the urge to cut of my own ears, and whining about how I felt like the north end of a southbound jackass.  But throughout all of this, I didn't bother to go to SHC (that's Student Health Center, for you less acronym-savvy readers) because I assumed I could fight it off myself.  I gave in on Thursday.

I waited in the SHC for an hour, as they tried to find a slot to fit me in.  It sucked.  Finally, though, one of the doctors called me back.  She went throught the standard checkup ordeal, but when she got to my ears, she goes, "Oh my God!"
And I'm like, "Fuck the what?  What is it?" 
"You have a raging bi-lateral ear infection," which would have been less awkward had it not come in the wake of my "I think I have a sinus infection" self-diagnosis/she didn't sound like this was the greatest gift she'd ever been given.
"Oh. Uhm, okay?"
"Do you mind if I get one of my students to come look at this?  Your ears are like this angry red mass.  It's textbook!" 
I guess I also double as a teaching device.

Anyway, turns out fighting this ear infection means my immune system was shot to hell.  Case in point: I got pinkeye somewhere in this adventure.  I never get pinkeye.  Michele always used to, and while she had it we would share linens and towels and generally just be very free-love with our germs.  I have a very high tolerance to pinkeye, but I got it, anyway.  I am under explicit orders to stay away from anybody who got Leo'd (oh yeah, by the way, Georgetown had an outbreak of norovirus; I was in the SHC when they were disinfecting it).


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